DatsunVents sells vents for high windshield Datsun Roadster vehicles. These are the cars that are fall within production years 1968-1970.

The DatsunVents Story (short version)

Initially this started as a project to replace the late model, high windshield vents on my 68 SRL311. I thought it would be a simple project but I became obsessed with doing it right. It took, over a year and close to, if not more than, 100 prints to get where is today. Many plastics were tested and most did alright in average California temperatures. As further testing was done, none of the plasics could hold up to the extreme hot day testing so back to bench. With new plastics came many more hours of print testing, then UV exposure testing.

The current model vents are made in very low volume and are surprisingly very time consuming to make. A pair of vents take about 4 hours to complete so this is neither a high profit or a lucrative business. I do this purely to give back to the Datsun Roadster community.

To place an order in the lower 48 states, send $45 to the PayPal account:

I have no shipping costs on orders outside the lower 48 at this time.

Orders will be shipped as stock becomes available. As of 9-24-17 the lead time is roughly 7 days between accepting payment and shipping the order. This can change at any given time.


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Coming soon:

Photo comparison between and Nissan grill and a DatsunVents grill, The DatsunVents model has a slightly thicker fin as they are so much more robust than the factory fins. Once in your car it woun't be noticeable. Another feature the DatsunVents model has is it is less brittle..


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